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Forum rules

**End User Agreement (EUA)**

By joining, posting or viewing this forum and facilities the user is notified of and agrees to be bound by the following rules and posting guidelines.

1) Posts should be relevant to rocketry or pyrotechnics, topics outside the scope of this forum include high explosives, or any kind of discussion of pyrotechnics with criminal intent.

2) Posting of any form of advertising, promotions, or links to incite commercial gain are forbidden. Posts outside the scope of this forum shall be deleted.

3) Abuse of other forum members, in any form is unacceptable. Users who degrade the forum or misuse its facilities will be permanently banned.

4) The administrators reserve the right to remove and edit posts, threads, and user accounts without warning or consent.

5) The administrators reserve the right to suspend a user's access for a short-term period, or permanently.

6) Moderators have been appointed to ensure forum posts are of a mature, topical, and constructive nature.

7) We routinely vet new users. If your account appears to be suspicious, you will be banned.

8) We usually expect all members to be at least 18 years old. This is because of the inherently hazardous nature of pyrotechnics.

9) Members who consistently exhibit a lack of common sense, judgement, and knowledge will be forced to leave the forum and have their account removed.

10) Racism, criminal intent, or any form of hateful propaganda are never tolerated.

11) The user acknowledges full and immediate liability for their own actions, and that the owners of this forum and their parties are in no-way legally liable for any actions that are either directly or indirectly related to any material stored on this forum or its retrieval systems.