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Membership renewals/Applications.

01 October 2017 - 02:11 PM

Hi All,


Just a quick note to say if anyone has recently applied for membership or has a renewal due then please be patient with us.


There are an awful lot of changes going on but we are going forward. The problem is that there are not too many of us to do what amounts to quite a bit to do.


If you are in that category then hang in there, you are not lost or forgotten.



Resignation of chairman.

07 July 2017 - 06:01 PM

Hello All,


I am just posting to let you know that our current chairman has resigned the position. I have discussed this with him and he wanted this to be made public sooner rather than later.


Obviously a new chair will need to be found at some point so if any UKPS member wishes to take up the post then please let us know.


You can express this here or P.M. me and I will pass this on to the current committee.


should there be any of you that wants to discuss this matter freely then please do so in the members forum.


Remember it is the future that counts so while you are free to speak please do so in a manner that you yourselves would appreciate.


Thanks. Rob.

Strontium Perchlorate via the Perchloric acid route.

17 September 2016 - 09:12 PM

Hello Folks,


Just wondering if anyone has tried this, I am about to............


Any suggestions or advice?

Great day of experiments.

11 September 2016 - 07:56 PM

Hello all,


Since my joining here I have begun to get to know folk and have had my first meeting with a member to do some experimentation and socialising.


Also a good opportunity for reagent exchange!


Most of the time was spent discussing the usual matters of the law and so on but we did get some fun small scale experiments done eventually.


The Pharos serpent is always a good one!


If anyone out there is thinking of getting involved then please reply to this thread publically and perhaps we chat or can meet up If you are in my area.


Most importantly,  it is good Join up to the UKPS and get yourself licensed if you want to get more involved. This is really the only way forward if you want this to continue into the future. Ther are other forums and resources out there doing a good work and I like them too!


Please remember to keep it legal, I am not interested in rennegade pyros :D. Seriously, I know we all started somewhere but we must streamline what we do to keep within the guidelines. There is more room than you think but not as much as you may like!


Zirconium Nitrate compositions.

01 August 2016 - 10:13 PM

Hello All,


I was looking through my chemical stock and wondered if Zirconium Nitrate has ever been used in pyrotechnic compositions by anyone?

It it a fairly rare chemical used in organic synthesis but as it is a relatively strong oxidiser I thought it may be worth a go.

Have tried out some sub half gram experiments and although hard to ignite it does seem to burn with exceptional brilliance.

When I have more time I will post in more detail, just curious to see if anyone else has tried this?