UKPS Documentation & Legislation Committee

The society is forming a Documentation & Legislation Committee to produce a definitive set of guidance covering UK explosives legislation. The guidance will be produced over a period of time and third parties will be consulted to ensure that the information contained in the guidance is true and accurate. The guide will seek to clarify the position of firework construction and research on a small scale by enthusiasts.

We will be consulting both the HSE and at a local authority level both Police Firearms Liaison Officers and Fire Inspection Officers. We will also be approaching other applicable organisations thought relevant to the purposes of the committee. It is hoped we can find a common position and adopt this in our guidance.

We are looking to recruit a small number of current UKPS members who are are interested in joining the Documentation & Legislation Committee. Ideally prospective committee members will be familiar with and understand the primary legislation currently in force (Manufacture & Storage of Explosives Regulations – MSER). Committee members will contribute to the production of the guidance documents and liaise with third parties.

All interested persons should contact me at chairman (at)

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