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Embarking into theatrical effects

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#1 BradG



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Posted 24 November 2020 - 08:16 PM

Hello All

I have an opportunity to manage all of the pyrotechnic effects for a living history display team, who re-enact WWII battles. The battles are choreographed and it won't be a problem to maintain safety distances of both the actors and spectators from the pyrotechnics. I hold no qualifications but I'm not on any time constraints to gain what I need should there be any mandatory courses.


Mostly, it will be squibs, smoke, and flash charges (Maybe blackpowder? - not sure on the laws here)



The courses I have looked at have either been for fireworks displays, or up close stage works, which don't seem to fit the bill of what I am looking for. I also appreciate supply will be difficult unless I have attended a course and gained a relevant accreditation. I noticed the term T2 devices being used with regards to maroons made out of plastic.


I would prefer to make my own maroons by either making them from flash powder or Black powder. Would you mind offering any advice with regards to the legalities of this etc?


is it law to be qualified in this field?

I have no intentions of manufacturing for storage. anything made would be used immediately.

Obviously insurance is important.

Any advice on which brands of firing systems to be looking at? I'd be looking for alot of cues and routines.


Any advice from you wizards on helping a newbie find his way into the industry would be greatly appreciated.



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#2 Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown

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Posted 02 December 2020 - 11:02 PM

T is theatrical pyro 

T1 is available to anyone with the wish to buy

T2 is available to people with specific training experience and insurance including experience in using devices outside their intended function.


Look also at battle sim suppliers.


All uses of all devices assume that you will use the device as supplied (CADded, CE (at the moment) approved) 


Using BP requires you to have A&K and proper storage etc 


It's very likely that you will want lots of wires to ensure instant ignition and not remote wireless or programmed sequences  (because some reenactors can't be absolutely reliable in terms of position and timing.


Insurance will probably demand all cadded items (no DIY).


Illuminate Consult have run training courses for using T2 items.  


Keep mannequins and watermelons away from fireworks..they always get hurt..

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Posted 26 December 2020 - 09:43 PM


Thankyou for taking the time to reply :)

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