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Low noise display guidelines

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Posted 14 September 2005 - 09:49 AM

:) If anyone is going to have a low noise display out of season here are some tips;
Fountains-if you have to have it as quiet as poss, avoid crackling and whistling ones and have mainly pretty ones with cascades/sparks/flames and nice colours and without aural effects, but if you can have some noise, then multieffect ones are good with a mix of colours/crackles and whistles(and there are several about in many manufacturers' product ranges at various prices),
Mines-avoid those with whistles/crackles and bangs and go for those with colour stars/comets/glitter/flitter and other similar types without aural effects added with them but BEWARE some fountain start mines have a whistling or crackling fountain start so ask when buying, also those with starburst effects i.e. bombettes to palm tree bursts/colour bursts/brocade/willow etc produce bangs so avoid,
Roman Candles/Cakes/Barrages-pick those with low noise effects;coloured stars/bees/fish/comets/and those with quiet low noise bursts, but if you can have crackling and whistling roman fireworks include those too,
Rockets-there aren't many around that don't do a bang(most have a bang to disperse stars and this can be fairly loud especially in built-up areas), but Imperial/Millennium and one or two other companies have some nice low noise rockets without bangs which would suit low noise displays,
Wheels-pick those of mainly colour/glitter and colourful flames and effects but avoid whistling and crackling wheels,
Selection Boxes-most no loud bangs selection boxes have crackles and whistles and are not suitable for keeping the noise down, choose Millennium's SilentKnight Range of selection boxes as these are quite low in noise and concentrate on colours and pretties mainly without the need for crackles/whistles and bangs.
Voila! You can have a nice fun out-of-season show that everyone can enjoy without complaint n.b please please inform your neighbours if you plan to have an out of season firework display or better still invite them! It's also a good idea to let the local police know so in case of complaints they won't stop it or come round putting a stop to it. PS avoid 11pm as it is an offence to let off fireworks after this time out of the main firework seasons. :) :)

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