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In Topic: What type of Ball Mill motor?

03 October 2014 - 10:11 PM

I just remembered I had an old motor for windshield wipers laying in my shed. I've seen a guy that used one of these to make a mill, but I was just wondering the best way to power it? I have a car battery laying around too, but I'm not sure if it still works. If the battery doesn't work, would there be any way to connect it to mains? The connectors look just like this one: http://www.scary-ter...r/terminals.jpg

I have next to no experience in electrical work, but I was thinking that I would just connect ground to ground, and power to high speed (labels in the picture linked above) on a generic power cable and that would theoretically work, correct?

Would this type of motor even have enough power to mill powders even somewhat efficiently?