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fireworks legislation in general skyrockets for consumers in particular

25 September 2006 - 06:20 PM

Today I saw on the news that the norwegian authorities consider to ban skyrockets for consumers on new years eve (the only time of the year it is legal to use fireworks without a special permit).

What do you think? personally I agree that skyrockets and any fireworks can be risky in a densely populated area, but if used in a responsible way in a open area the risk is acceptable for me.

It is pretty amazing how tightly regulated many activities are these days. I acknowledge that I'm in a special position as a fireworks addict, but I cannot see how fireworks (including rockets) a couple of hours one day a year is worse than many other activities. Many activities are not strictly necessary, but often include a risk for those involved and also third parties. I can think of several: motorcycles, very powerful cars, boats for recreation (often with large engines), guns, large knifes/swords, alcohol, tobacco, parachute jumping and related activities, downhill skiing. Most anything is risky some way or another.

If they ban skyrockets I will really miss them (I make my own anyway, but cannot fire them for anyone to see if rockets are banned).