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corned black powder

23 April 2004 - 10:22 PM

I've finally managed to get a press and some sieves, what mesh size would you recommend for lift and what mesh size is best for breaks.


How safe is it to ram a bp rocket.

16 April 2004 - 08:24 PM

How safe is it to ram a bp rocket with a mallet.
Just wondering after having seen something on chaz's site saying someone maneged to blow some fingers off while ramming a bp rocket.
If it is dangerous are there any precations i should be taking to save my fingers

shell formers

22 March 2004 - 08:23 PM

ihave always had trouble trying to find shell moulds that fit my mortars but a couple of weeks ago i came up with the idea of using clay for the mould so i got the cat litter i use for my rockets put it in my mill for an hour till it was dust then took it out and put it in a container and added water until i got a thick dough. i then rolled it round in my hands til i got a nice round ball then i left it for a few weeks to dry.i then put on a couple of layers of pva as my pva is waterproof when wet.
ive tested a small shell about 1" id and it worked fine ive got a 2 1/2" one drying currently ive found that they shrink a lot when drying and also they tend to crack allthough this can be prevented by adding pva to the water. The only trouble is when it comes to cut open the shell as you have to be careful about damaging the former. i expect if you wanted a more rounded ball you could put it in a star roller but you get fairly good results by hand.
could some people try this and tell me what they think :-)