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In Topic: First "proper" launch / Now advice Pls

10 July 2006 - 07:46 PM

Hi proff
Dont know what happened with the last post no text was added.
nice to know you have had success, trees seem to have a magnetic effect on rockets, one of my last launches ended up in tree, still it was retrieved quite easily, the last flight of the day ended up with chute cords welded together so a rather heavy landing was had and a severly loosened boattail, still thats what pva was made for.
I prefer streamers with smaller rockets, they dont tend to end up quarter of a mile away.
Have you thought of getting some tubes and starting from scratch, there are quite a lots of designs on the net, i bought a pack of bits off a chap the other day and hope soon to get started with a fresh design and see what happens.
if you have a look on the rocket reveiws site there are quite a lot of tips and also a flight log if that sort of thing interests you
My next launch hopefully will be the 36 d squared, I will report on that shortly
best of luck with the launches

In Topic: What to use ? (filling gaps cardboard & paint)

03 July 2006 - 07:27 PM

another good site to look at for information on kits and peoples experiences is http://www.rocketreviews.com/ I have found quite few tips and failings on the site along with some links.

In Topic: clip whip

24 February 2006 - 08:29 PM

Hi Richard,

What motors are you planing on flying the described rocket on? I think I've seen one, it's got parallel boosters on the side, right?
Yes Heckington is still a main launch site for the UKRA group, the next big launch (UKRA06) is on June 9th, 10th and 11th. A good few of this forums members will be down there too doing the firework display. If your planning on getting down there to fly privately, I suggest you email or phone Pete Davey of Petes Rockets, as it is his land.

Hope this helps.


Hi Karl
I thought pete had given up as the last time i looked at his web site his domain name was up for sale and I was taken to a domain name company,
The motor's attached to said rocket are B6-6 as the core, the boosters are A3-4t, the lesser experimental rocket has a single B6.
It surprises me of the amount of technology that is used in some of the more professional rockets, there must be some rather sophisticated kit sent skywards especially when I look at what some of the stuff costs.
I will make a note of the date's and have a venture to Sleaford later in the year, not to fly just to be a spectator, If my memory serves me right I think the UKRA have a stand also at the RAF wadddington air display which is late june or early july.
I take it from the firework display head honco will be there, I would be nice to meet some of the members and put faces to posts.

In Topic: clip whip

23 February 2006 - 09:11 AM

Ok Karl,
make's my knowledge rather limited to say the least. The thing I have is a ARC1318, I have always fancied having a go and now the time is here.....Well when the better weather arrives. I think I better stay with the clipwhip rather than quickmatch, I would rather like to get more than a maiden flight out the said thing.
Is Heckington near Sleaford still one of the main launch sites for the big boys toys? if so I shall have to venture up only being 20 odd miles away.

In Topic: clip whip

23 February 2006 - 08:59 AM

What rockets do I fly? I am currentley certified UKRA Level 1. And have flown upto I motors.

The advantage with Quickmatch is that you get a nice ammount of fire & smoke from it igniting. But I would personally go with a Clip Whip. Igniting clusters with fuse tends to toast the business end of your rocket.

But I flew a cluster of 4x D12-7's and 3x C6-5's last month using fast PIC with no problems, and I lit it using a normal Estes Ignitor.