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cardboard balls?

03 January 2007 - 11:56 PM

Ok ive been looking for cardboard balls in the size of roughly 6-7cm or tennis ball sized? Ive seen some online but they charge a ridiculas amount for something that for me will end up in pieces :P

many thanks in advance

Battle-field pyros

22 June 2006 - 03:32 PM

Hi ive been using pyros alot for the past year at my local airsoft site! They ranged from 5-25g maroons and 0.5-2g flash maroons and boy to they kick out some sound report! :D I recently purchased a naphtha maroon which was spectactular and was an eye opener for everyone. But to purchase them they put a big dent in my savings!

Well reason im here asking help is that my local airsoft site is hosting a large game in swynnerton army camp and i have been asked to help sort out a final enagement were they want to us alot of pyros. Well i have books upon books about pyros but wanna speak to people who have more experience. Im most likely just gunna keep on buying the 5-25g maroons as im not quite sure what they conatin! Unless anyone can shed any light?

Im looking into making things such petrol b**b sims and napthea type maroons, As read from one of the searchs im going to steal the idea of setting up a ammo depo and blowing it to bits! I need to do stuff such as airstrikes! Were can you purchase naphthalene flakes or are there other alternatives? Another thing is ive got to try and get it as realistic as possible as alot of military personnel will watching, so i wanna knock there socks off! :P

All help will be appreciated thanks.