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In Topic: Changing Fireworks Chemistry in India

26 March 2019 - 12:27 PM

Hi I am new to the forum and hope that my post is in the right area. Please let me know if I have breached protocol.


Thanks for the post. Shame they don't give more information about eco friendly alternatives. Interesting point that the alternatives might be problematic in a different way.


On a related subject EU changes (subject of course to Brexit) to the EPP licence in a couple of years may make using KP and KClO3 a thing of the past for hobbyists and if Barium salts and Perchlorates (is this all perchlorates including Ammonium?) are deemed environmentally unacceptable we will need some new ways of producing colours fairly soon. I know there is work on Boron Carbide and various Sr compounds for red and green (and possibly colours between) but are any of them viable in terms of practical use ie cost, efficacy and availability?


I know that Lloyd has produced colours commercially using nitrates as the sole oxidisers (and assume that must be with treated Mg or maybe MgAl?) He has said that he is commercially constrained from sharing these at present. Any ideas or info would be gratefully received.


In Topic: Winding up

26 March 2019 - 11:27 AM

Hi guys

Emotions are running high. You all obviously care about the society. I for one would like it to continue and to serve a diverse community.

Is there some goodwill to get it going again? Could a meeting be called to try to find a way forward (maybe with a good moderator/facilitator to ensure it stays respectful and focused)? I would offer to help and I think there have been others in the past who offered.that might still do so.

Sadly I joined the society when it was on the way down. I have been a hobbyist for over 50 years and so was my dad and his before that. I would like the tradition to continue and in the modern era we need some representation or we will be legislated out of existence I fear.

There are some problems ahead with EPP and we could do with some game plan.

My wife is a Quaker and their meetings accept and explore all contributions with acceptance of the different perspectives. Decisions take a while and are accepted by all not just a majority. Maybe not the way for everyone but worth a thought?


In Topic: Danger of more legislation

19 March 2019 - 06:43 PM

I have done the online survey. I hope it helps. Trouble is millions enjoy fireworks but they don't sign petitions to say so.

On another front It sounds like the EPP rules may change within 2 years depending on Brexit. I just received an email from the EPP Licencing Team and it sounds like we won't be able to obtain Perchlorates or Chlorates at 100% w/w.as the new EU regulations that will supercede EU regulation 98/2013 will remove  "the ability for Member States to provide licences for the use of chlorates and perchlorates up to 100%w/w."

If this comes into effect it will massively affect us as it seems there won't  be any legal way to obtain these essential oxidisers. Have I misunderstood something?? I hope so.


In Topic: 2019 Our last Pyro Holidays

02 June 2018 - 08:43 PM

Sad to hear you are finishing your pyro holidays. I am just starting back after a 40 year break from making fireworks (I am 69 now). Things are so different now with the internet. Would your shell building holiday (if still available) be suitable for my limited practical knowledge of shell making?