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In Topic: Huge Fireworks Display In Germany

02 July 2009 - 07:18 PM

Unfortunately thats 500km away from me, so I won´t go there, though I´m from Germany :)

In Topic: Firework experiments for schools

06 April 2009 - 04:39 PM

How about an ammonium dichromate volcano. It can be used to demonstrate several chemistry principles decomposition, density etc etc

You can tell them about toxicity as well, then :)

In Topic: Nitrocellulose Lacquer problem ?

09 February 2009 - 05:51 PM

Take up Ping Pong?

Cut open, glue in fuse, throw in some stars and fine grained BP. Close them, paste them, shoot them :)

In Topic: KN03 on Ebay

08 January 2009 - 07:48 PM

Good deal: 45$/Kg charcoal powder. I´ll take one kilo and a Rolex Explorer replica. haha

In Topic: Ball Mills

16 December 2008 - 09:50 AM

why to cover the moter?maybe will heat more if it covered

Because you aren´t always aware of what your motor does, eh? There is ALWAYS the risk of
sparks or parts of the motor running hot.

Just seperate your two parts, motor and milling cabinet. Always use the safest possible way.

Sorry, this is in NO way meant arrogant but I would never have asked the why-seperate-the-both-question!
It is YOUR safety there. You´re not playing with 10g of lightly con tained black powder. That jar looks
like you´re gonna make a lot more at once.

So, take that tip and add at least one layer of thick wood between motor and jar, so no powder can directly fall onto/into
the motor.
Mo overheating issues then! I´m using the same design on my mill.