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In Topic: starting out in pyro

13 November 2008 - 02:40 PM

Hi everyone,

thanks for all the advice, ive had a quick look at the web sites you have mentioned and looks like its going to take me a while to go through em.

i know there is a standard mix for BP, i just wasnt sure if there were any veriations to it, or different ratios for difference application. I might have been a bit naive in my use of words, which i apologies about, but as i explained this is pretty new to me. And you've gota start somewhere!

If anyone can think of any other stock tools of the trade, or simple "starter projects". (ONCE IVE SLOGGED THROUGH ALL THE BOOKS AND LITERACTURE FIRST OF COURSE) that i could start out on. Thanks in advance for any advice or tips!!

cheers Dan

In Topic: starting out in pyro

12 November 2008 - 11:31 PM

thanks for the replies. reading deff sounds like the way forward!! ive ordered a couple of books on line so just waiting for them to turn up now!

i know some people are a bit secretive about their BP reciepies. but, any thoughts on the best ingridiants?! and do you need a mill to grind the chemicals? is black match better than using an actual firework fuse? sorry for all the questions!