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In Topic: Unusual elemental additions.

17 May 2009 - 12:59 AM

Isn't indium around £400 per kg?

Yeah I didn't notice the amount dropped from 100g prices for the others to 10g prices for indium.

Also on further research most of these have very high mps except molybdenum.
The others much higher than Al and Mg anyway.
Barring molybdenum they are all higher than Fe and Cu too.

Was just a poorly thought through curiosity question.

I think Ni comes next after Cu so you would most likley need a very hot mix to more than likley just get another white.

However I may just be talking bollocks cos I currently know nowt.

In Topic: Fountains Formulas

11 May 2009 - 12:27 AM

Glad to get a response. Wasn't sure whether I was too novice.

I have always loved pyro.

Costs me a bleeding fortune every Nov 5th doing my own for the whole street.
Running about in the dark never seeing what is going on above.

Making your own lets you stop and admire it as an individual entity.

As for your choke comments I do believe that judging the fairly alarming whoosh that such a small fountain gave out along with the 15ft spray I was near making a daisy cutter.

I suspect that for that type of mix it was more suited as a rocket choke.

I really am feeling my way here and no comments, however obvious to your seasoned selves will be regarded as condescending.

I really should have started unchoked I suspect.

I am suspending experimentation until my visco arrives anyway.

All coments gratefully received.

Barring "you're nicked!"

In Topic: Source of concern

10 May 2009 - 09:15 PM

H2O2 is retail up to 35% it is used in hydroponics and for sanitising things. -Lots of retail vegetables are grown by controlled nutrient feed.

The ebay lots that worry me most are the ones that go for silly prices! I once saw an old laptop possibly worth £200 go for something like £1700, now either someone had really bad auction fever or there was something in the same package worth more!

Check out the diamond links on ebay.
Who would spend $10,000,000 and pay by paypal.
The ideal way for African arms deal money laundering if you ask me.

In Topic: Fountains Formulas

10 May 2009 - 09:05 PM

Please post all fountain formulas here.

Hi there people.
I hope I am doing things here in the correct order and am not breaching any forum etiquette here but hi from new member here.

Just to say I have been researching pyro for several years as a half hearted/interested/curious reader but have for the last 6 months being researching and accumulating reagents more seriously.

Just to comment after 6 months of research and accumulation I have finally made my first gerb, I think. You old lags may tell me I made something different.

My mix was a 24 4 4 10 mix of KNO3 C S metal.

I used 300 mesh Al.

Wanted to start non lethal. (PS I know that a lot of the dangers are exaggerated but still existant and stupidity and carelessness are nearly always the cause of all accidents, pyro or otherwise.)

Anyway I primed through the ignition with black powder due to visco not having arrived yet (I realise improvisation and impatience probably another major factor in pyro mishaps) but this seemed very feasible in such a safeish compound.

Ignited with a match head the prime compound which slow burnt until the bore hole and then i got a mini fountain which I would have been quite happy with, this being my first ever gerb and this was about 10" high.

Five seconds later I got an almighty roar and a fifteen foot spray of white sparks came out for about 15secs until the side blew out.

I am buzzing at the moment as all problems are easily understood and thicker walls are needed and obviously visco.

The fountain rivalled the dearest fountains available on the market and I am so happy to have had such a success.

I know this seems like small beer to some of you old hands but the buzz of your first success must still be lurking there in your pyro jaded memorybanks.

Love you all and stay lucky.

PS. I used a
3/4" X 3 1/2" tube 1/16" wall.
6mm choke.
1/2"-3/4" bentonite plugs either end.