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advice on sparkler making

25 August 2009 - 07:06 PM

Hello pyro people

I've been thinking about the possibilities of making a large 3D (like maybe a metre square sort of size) sparkler out of wire, bent to form a shape, for a once-only art project (that hopefully i could film, sparkling its way around the shape). I've been searching around the internet but I figured it best to ask proper experts.

I have aluminium powder, but I haven't tried lighting it without proper adult supervision (it's okay, I'm 45 and quite sensible) and I also have graphite powder if that's useful.

I've seen references to potassium chlorate and dextrin solution. How could I get hold of those?

Most importantly, is this a really dangerous thing to do or should it be quite straightforward?

Look forward to hearing back from you...