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Tellurium; why the. . . .

04 May 2005 - 03:19 PM

Hi, This may provoke a chuckle; or more likely, give you insights into the idiot mind.
I bought a large bag of kno3, only to find that it also contained 4% te.
The "te" in lower case letters on the bag told me that the kno3 was contaminated by Tellurium. 'Right, I knew te was metallic, but the name. . . Perhaps named after Edward Teller. Teller, the father of the H-b**b. This must mean it's possibly radio-active, or toxic; probably both.
And what was a poison doing in fertiliser, anyway?
Finding that tellurium was indeed toxic, I started getting paranoid about handling the stuff.
I could find no mention anywhere of it being used in fertiliser.
The thick plottened! Much later(days)I examined a packet of ordinary fertiliser, and looking at the list of TRACE ELEMENTS, I had a little "eureka moment".
'Yep, that's what it was, finally; bloody trace elements, like mg, cu, etc.
'Luckily, it can be removed by recrystallisation.
'Seemed funny at the time.


24 April 2003 - 07:57 PM

hi, my first post.
does anyone know the purity (naclo3) of "Morgan's" weedkiller.
if there's a contaminent, what might it be and can it be removed by fractional crystallisation?
btw it's a better oxidiser than kclo3 because the na atom is much smaller than the k atom.
if you can keep it dry, you get more bangforyourbuck.
'pity about its hygroscopicity.