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In Topic: Over 1000 formulas in this electronic copy of a VERY old book.

04 April 2010 - 03:30 AM

On page 52 of the pdf:

"Caution- when about to place any lighted material in the mouth, be sure it is well coated with saliva"

"...in this trick, until the gas is well out, any inhilation is likely to be attended by the most serious results."

"The burning banana"
"Dip a banana in the blazing alcohol and eat it while it is blazing"

Heres a good trick:
"To take boiling lead in the mouth...."

All very good highly safe party tricks im sure.....


In Topic: Barium Nitrate

02 March 2010 - 03:55 AM

Oh so there is likeley to be alot of sulfate in there too? If it is the usual tech grade of barium carbonate, how much of it would be sulfate? A little doenst concern me (should it? I would be using it with K chlorate and shellac), going by the quantity of raw 'carbonate' I added to the quantity of acid before it had stopped fizzing, it doesnt seem like much, the numbers seemed to add up pretty well. The acid should have destroyed all of the sufide shouldn't it? The solution still smells a little too.


edit: Ok so I diluted my original 1L down to about 3L, heated then allowed it to settle, and decanted the liquid off the sediment (I tried filtering, but it was painfully slow.). Im now going to boil that down. I'll keep the sediment and add more water to get all the nitrate out too.

In Topic: Barium Nitrate

01 March 2010 - 06:53 AM

Depends how much you want to make.

My totally unscientific test used about 250ml of dilute acid (1 acid to 9 water) kept on putting in carbonate until there was an excess. Filtered, put in a shallow tray and left a week or so in a warm place. Got about 20 grams of product.

This is all from memory, so don't tell me the figures don't stack up! It's about right... I have other sources now, so don't need to do this, but it was an interesting experiment and produced usable product.

Hi all,

Just thought I'd report the results:

I took aprox 190g of 68% nitric, which equates to about 2 mol of HNO3. I diluted this to 1 litre, then added bit by bit almost 200g of barium carbonate. There was a slight odour of hydrogen sulfide. I found that you need to carefully add the carbonate slowly bit y bit so the efervecence doesnt casuse the solution to spill over the sides of the container. Once no more effervecence occured I stopped adding carbonate, but for some reason the pH was still around 6, I couldnt get it to 7 with aditional carbonate, there was alot of precipitated barium nitrate plus about 1 litre of solution, this was all put into a shallow container to evaporate.

Now to wait.....


In Topic: Barium Nitrate

28 February 2010 - 10:42 AM

http://chemicalland2...M%20NITRATE.htm Says that the solubility of barium nitrate is 87g/litre So work out the mass of acid needed for the mass of barium carbonate you have then work out the mass of water to dissolve all of the barium nitrate produced. You need to keep the water mass down because the product is in the water layer and you must evaporate the water to recover the barium nitrate. This in industry means energy cost and in amateur land means time equipment and effort and energy cost.

Ahh ok, well i worked out: 197.3g BaCO3 +92.6g 68% nitric ---> 261.3g Ba(NO3)2

so to dissolve all the nitrate from one mol of carbonate will require about 3 litres of water! that really seems like alot, and will obviously take ages to evaporate, and the solubility doesnt drop too much with cooling, so evaporation seems like the only way to get reasonable amounts of nitrate out. could I not simply allow the nitrate to precipitate out as the reaction occurs. I.e. add the carbonate slowly? maybe put the wholecontainer in a cooling bucket of water?


In Topic: Barium Nitrate

28 February 2010 - 07:56 AM

It didn't react because really concentrated nitric acid does different things. It make NO2+ instead of H+ when that concentrated. There is no reason to use that concentrated of acid though. Do the nitric/BaCO3 outside as it is likely that your carbonate is just the mineral source which has noticable barium sulfide contamination, which will release H2S upon acidification. If this is the case you will also get some insoluble material. You may want to let the solution stand for a few days, as barium sulfate will precipitate out upon oxidation from air.


So how dilute? 1M, 2M? 68% is 15M i think.