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In Topic: lantern accident

10 November 2010 - 11:05 PM

How close would the child have to be in order to get burnt?
Surely if it was 40 ft in the air, it would have cooled before it hit the ground?
I am assuming that these candles are not made of the usual paraffin wax?

In Topic: mystical fire

31 October 2010 - 09:07 PM

Dump it when the fire is the biggest, but you can also do a trick such as trowing a "treated" log in the fire (a small amount of cupric chloride in a paper bag tied to the log), just to stir the crowds.

I've heard that some people soak pieces of the fuel (planks of wood), into a solution of solvent with the colourant dissolved into it.
Is this what you mean when you say treated?

In Topic: mystical fire

31 October 2010 - 05:06 PM

Copper Chloride, not too bad, Lithium Chloride - Expensive!
Strontium Nitrate might work, but I suspect these effects will get a bit lost in a big fire - OK on a small fire in the hearth I should think.
Anyone tried it?

I tried some copper sulphate on a small fire heap, copper sulphate will kill the flame. And make your fire stink.
Copper sulphate will also not last very long, you'll get a burst of blue, then it'll die down to green, then back to whatever colour you had to begin with.
I think next time around, a paste mixture of oxidiser and your colourant will help with the fire.

won't potassium chloride produce a purple flame ???/
if so thats the answer - i can get a kilo of that no problem....
failing that, i guess its gonna be copper sulphate.....green it is !

Potassium chloride is not strong enough.
And will kill the fire without sufficient fuel/oxidiser.

Don't try Copper Sulphate, especially if you're going to use lots of it!
It will make the fire stink of sulphur and it will also most likely kill the bonfire and not last very long.

In Topic: mystical fire

31 October 2010 - 02:18 PM

Lithium chloride - do you think the 250g would be enough ??? the bonfire is some 12ft in dia, and 6ft tall.........

Also, just to clarify - the fumes given off by the mentioned chemicals....any threat to health....i have 50 people to worry about.

depends whether you have decent ventiliation, of course, breathing in smoke won't do your lungs any good but a small amount in a outdoor environment won't kill you.
So yes, Lithium should be fine.

In Topic: What can I make with....

30 October 2010 - 10:07 PM

I card some A4 card and rolled it tight round a pencil and sealed it with insulation tape.
I then cut off about 2 inches and used that for my fountain.
The next thing is, who do I make the sparks higher ? is it with a wider opening and more powder, or is it done with a different mix ?
I used 75% Potassium nitrate, 15% charcoal 400mesh, 10% Sulpher
Thanks in advance guys.

Your fountain should have a wider diameter, if the diameter is similar to a pencil it sounds more like a lance to me.
To make it higher, choke the fountain with a clay nozzle... Also some meal powder would help to create more pressure.
Fountains do not blow up like a shotgun cartridge as there is not enough pressure to do this, it might rupture but not explode..
A greater access to chemicals will allow more experimentation and make for a better fountain