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order order

13 April 2004 - 09:44 PM

At the moment my visits here are infrequent, yet my interest is still strong and I am working hard to try to put a new show together for this summer bigger and better than the last. Trying to keep up with all the threads, some of which are ancient and some irrelevant and some of which turn into outright bickering is now pretty hard work and I wonder at how to organise things and archive the really special bits I have seen emerge over the past year and how to let go of the dross.

This must be true for every web forum.

How would people feel if the moderators, or others were to ruthlessly go through old threads and cut them down to the essential learning bits? Would anyone be prepared to put the time in to do this? Could we all take on a thread each? Could we do this without affecting peoples 'score' of which I know some are proud?

Sparks Version2

29 March 2004 - 11:00 PM

Been away for a while exploring various other FX and trying to get my new Tesla coil up and running.

I discovered a whole world of people working whith huge and horribly high voltages to make giant sparks, flying saucers and all sorts of things.

I reckon if you guys ever want a night off looking at pyro on the web take a look at this site....


Follow the link to tesla ring and you will find loads more sites.

Can I post a picture here? Just got a few stills off a video we made of some fire sculptures which is too big to post anywhere.


26 December 2003 - 11:24 PM

I had a thread on this ages ago but it seems to have dissapperaed, so apologies moderators if I repeat myself.

I have a video of a show I did last summer which went out on Meridian TV. At last I have got it converted to a fairly low resolution mpeg. I don't think it shows off my work to the best but it would give an idea to anyone who is interested.

The trouble is that even at low resolution it is 16Mb, which I think makes it too large even to e-mail.

I'm not a computer whizz... so what do I do?


19 September 2003 - 06:08 PM

I got a call today from the TV company which filmed one of our shows this summer. Apparently they have finished editing it and are going to send me a tape next week. He said it looks great and is going out in November.

If anyone here has the technology, time and interest to get some clips off it and post them up then you lot would get a chance to see what we do.

Thought for the day

05 July 2003 - 10:03 PM

Just think how little we would learn if we could just go down to the local hobby shop and buy all the chemicals we ever dreamed of, along with ready made paper tubes, shell cases etc. and of course a DK beginners guide to pyro with lots and lots of nice shiny photos. - I'm amazed at the ingenuity with which some of you make this from that and add freezing the other to precipitate a few precious grains of something - just to make it go bang in a particularly pretty way.

I'm glad some things are still illegal, rebelious, dangerous and difficult.....................So I think its time to introduce my youngest daughter to the art - she fits the bill perfectly.

Richard - I know this post is in the wrong place but I'm here now and dont feel like moving..... you can wipe it out tomorrow if you like....anyway its time for bed.

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