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dr thrust

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In Topic: Chlorine donors

15 September 2021 - 11:11 PM

Just wondering about strontium chloride after seeing it a few days ago in a flame test kit , I’ve never seen any formula containing it

In Topic: Greener fireworks

15 September 2021 - 10:58 PM

Your correct they are expensive.. around £1 per gram .. so not to bad lol

In Topic: Wolter tools, starr roller, mill and rocket press for sale

12 September 2021 - 06:55 PM

When did wolter pyro tools close ? A real shame I always wanted one of those spindle pressure gauge thingy’s .. (back in the day )

In Topic: who is still alive? or active?

04 September 2021 - 09:03 PM

Hello everyone , still here what did I miss ….