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In Topic: New pyrotechnics book!

19 April 2011 - 01:27 AM

Hi Aussie Pyro King,

Just a few questions if thats ok with you;-

1, Does the book have a introductory preface on the author? if so, can you tell me more about him, his qualifications and his contributors qualifications regarding the firework contents?

2, Is the book ISBN registered only in OZ? or can the book be accessed in libraries elsewhere around the globe? if so, where?

3, Would the author be willing to donate a free copy of the book to the UKPS for appraisal/comment?


1. There is a small preface, no proffessional pyro qualifications of the author though other than a degree in organic chemistry and mechanical engineering.

2. No idea where the ISBN is registered, i'll ask. I assume it is Australia, but isn't an ISBN a worldwide thing?

3. No idea either, i'll ask!

In Topic: New pyrotechnics book!

19 April 2011 - 01:23 AM

Not everyone has to like a book mate, typical case of judging a book by its cover though, I think you will actually like it if you pick it up, even if it is just looking at the nice pyro art pictures. I'm man enough to agree to disagree though, it is written in a fun, informative manner which doesn't encourage young and stupid people to engage in such activities, only to learn and be educated for the better.

In Topic: New pyrotechnics book!

18 April 2011 - 12:35 PM

It isn't anything like the Jolly Roger's cookbook guys! It really is just a fun, light hearted book, and includes safety info. That bunch of text file dangerous garbage is nothing like this, nothing even close. Last time I checked, that was all about credit card fraud, hating school and mercury fulminate etc. Not even comparable. Homemade fireworks, even high quality consumer fireworks are illegal and that is never going to change, no matter how you look at it, this book will have no effect on that (well at least in Australia, the law gets tighter every day). I'm not pressuring anyone into buying it, I just really enjoy it, and I have a university degree, definitely not a "yob/halfwit" target audience. I guess I just haven't grown old and boring yet :D

The isbn isn't listed in many places because it only just came out.

I have just bought a few copies and put them on eBay Australia (the author is one of my best friends), though the shipping makes it very expensive to ship overseas as it weights about 1.1kg and shipping in Australia is terribly expensive.

In Topic: Potassium perchlorate KCLO4 in Australia

09 April 2009 - 10:17 AM

There has been a fair bit of interest, great to see there are still some active Aussies on the forum!

I still haven't located a cheap supply of chlorine donors, so I guess there won't be many bright colours going around haha.


In Topic: New Australian Pyro Supply Shop!

20 July 2008 - 05:02 AM

Hello everyone. Sorry about the downtime of the website, i still have no idea what happened to it, so after 2 weeks or more i requested cancellation.

They were having massive hosting problems and would not reply to any of my emails.

The website has indeed been moved to AusChems.com but this time it is with an american hosting company that is exceedingly more reliable and with great customer service. I also hear that american hosting companies have far less strict content rules than australian hosting companies.

Also, the new name is far less likely to attract unwanted attention, and i have been slowly adding non pyro related chemicals (more to come) to avoid being labeled a specialist "pyro" supplier.

I have had one encounter with authorities, they thought i was sending out cocaine through a courier service, so the Bankstown police department had an order tested in a lab and it came back as KNO3. They rang me up, i was honest with them, the officer checked that i was who i said i was and told me to have a good day, really nice fellow.

For the meantime, everything is running smoothly.