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#72946 New pyrotechnics book!

Posted by Aussie Pyro King on 17 April 2011 - 07:53 AM

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news!

I have just received a fair amount of copies of a new pyrotechnics book called Shenanigans: An epic guide by Jared Smith.

It covers the manufacture of almost every type of firework imaginable, as well as other fun pyro projects (INCLUDING SAFETY INFORMATION!), except it isn't just a plain text book full of text and tables like all the classic fireworks books on the market today. This one is FULL COLOUR, with beautiful pictures of fireworks, including their steps in construction, a true artwork. Fair enough, any experienced pyro probably already knows how to make most of these fireworks, but the book isn't just a book on making fireworks.

It is sort of like The Dangerous Book for Boys, except the real version haha (but nothing like a dangerous cookbook, nothing that outrageous). I was quite excited to read the Dangerous Book for Boys only to find it was just full of info that not even a little kid would find interesting. Shenanigans: An epic guide contains info like how to pick locks, crack safes, air and combustion cannons, changing the message on flashing road signs and other great stuff for truly devious males to have some fun with!

I've attached some pics from inside, sorry about the bad pics!

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Posted Image
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#54985 Potassium perchlorate KCLO4 in Australia

Posted by Aussie Pyro King on 02 April 2009 - 03:34 AM

Hi everyone,

as i said before, I haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean my dedication has stopped!

I have finally secured a shipment of potassium perchlorate for Australians (cleared customs and ready for sale), this is a major event on the time-line for Australian hobbyists! It is a super fine, 99.5% chinese perchlorate from a specialist pyrotechnics company, the finest quality I have ever come across.

For now it won't be listed on my auschems.com website, you will just have to send an email via the website if you want some. This is partially so it doesn't attract as much attention, and partially so every man and his dog can't just log on and buy it (aka kids with emails pokemon95@hotmail.com who ask "hw can i bloe stuff up lol" can be screened out easily as well as suspicious amounts/activity). It will be $30-$35 per kg and cheaper for more, down to $25/kg, which really is a massive saving since previously the only viable source I knew of was specialist chem suppliers charging $130 for 500g, and that's if they would sell it to you.

I guess now I just need to stock some quality chlorine donors and we are all set! To the moderators- I know this probably sounds like an advertisement which you won't allow, but I really believe it is a milestone for Australian hobbyists and should be shared.