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Bright Star Atom Bomb - A blast from the past ?

14 October 2010 - 08:22 PM

Just seen a vid on You Tube of the new Atom Bomb from Bright star. By all accounts this appears to very similar to the old Proton Bomb.
Hallelujah !!!!

Big Thanks To "Epic Fireworks"

09 November 2009 - 10:17 AM

Forum regulars will be well accustomed to my rants about 1.4G and 1.3G. Well a huge thanks goes to Epic Fireworks.Posted Image
The guys at Epic have completely restored my confidence in consumer fireworks after my big disappointment with new spec stuff last year.
If you want the quality and volume of old school fireworks.......and more..... then Epic's 1.3G range is a must.
Everything I fired was total brilliance from the smaller "Humming Hornets" to the larger "Screaming Spiders" and the "Rocket Pack 1" and "Sky Thrillers" were absolutely jaw dropping.Posted Image

In my book this is what fireworks are all about - the real deal !!!

Good on you guys - my audience were completely gobsmacked as were the neighbours within a half mile radius or more. Way outperformed anything else in my community.Posted Image

Long live da flash !!!!!

Bad Boy Fireworks

31 October 2009 - 06:01 PM

A local seasonal has just taken delivery of a variety of large "Bad Boy" Cakes, Candles and Rockets.
A birdie told me these were extremely loud !!

I have never used them - anybody out there used them recently and if so what is the verdict ?

Who makes them ?

Proton Bomb & Flashing Thunder

28 October 2009 - 11:02 PM

There were some recent posts regarding a shop called XS Stock selling Bright Star stuff. I tracked it down and they sent me a brochure and it appears that amongst some other old favourites they have the Proton Bomb 16 Shot Twin Burst Barrage and the 56 Shot Flashing Thunder. Could it be I have stumbled upon some old spec items ?
I am aware of some naughty companies keeping the old spec wrappers / performance descriptions on new spec gear so I am assuming the worst. We really need to get this stamped out Posted Image

However could someone perhaps tell me if they have used a "new spec" Proton Bomb or Flashing Thunder and if so what was its performance is like ?

This shop is about 60 miles away but I would be happy to make the journey if I thought they were stocking some old spec big boys and perhaps unaware they are doing so - hmmm......

Big Weco Rkts and Old Spec Stuff

26 October 2009 - 08:43 PM

A new seasonal has opened near me using the name fireworkfactoryonline.co.uk with lots of old Cosmic stuff

They have some pre 2007 Weco King rkts at £15 each or 3 for £30 - usual sales crap but I wondered if they might be the business. The carton was clearly labelled 1.3G and on the rockets it had "made in Germany for Cosmic Fireworks". Also a small label stating the rockets had been assembled prior to 2007 and had a previous classification of 1.4G.
Coke can head size about a 2oz feel ? I did note that the cone had come off the top of one in the carton and low and behold only about half the head was filled up !? Never a good sign Posted Image
I had a pack of smaller weco rockets in 2007 and they were shite so I am a bit apprehensive.
Any advice chaps ?

They also had some 9 pack black gemini rkts for 24.99 which he offered me 2 for 40.00 ? I had these before and they were pretty damn good - nice loud boomy bursts. I think they could be 1.3G ?

Golden lion "Dragon has Fury" at 19.99 bogof - these any good ?
Also NG Midnight Finale / Mega Celebration 50.00 each. These were all old spec as per the label.

Plenty more items such as Thunder Bats rockets by golden lion - novel little ball head "winged" fellows - anybody seen these before ?

I've got most of my stuff now but you know what temptation is like !! Posted Image