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#87153 Having another clear out.

Posted by Deano 1 on 22 April 2016 - 09:17 PM

Nice mix. :)

Wear ear defenders.

I was a farrier for 10 years, lots of forge work during my apprenticeship, now I need hearing aids!

What you say. 

Sorry I just had to.

#85733 Tape for Pasting Shells

Posted by Deano 1 on 24 July 2015 - 04:39 PM

Kinnel Ken, you must loose a lot of dummies. You spit a lot out. Why are you so highly strung?

#81996 Cat 3 rocket headers

Posted by Deano 1 on 17 April 2014 - 10:34 PM

I know what you are saying but then again all the rockets I've fired in this "category" seem way too light to be a well packed ball shell and they also make distinct rattling noise when you shake them. I know I shouldn't but I'm very tempted to do a dissection.

Do it, and you'll find there is no passion in the making of any commercial firework, from China anyway.

#80973 I woke the neighbours

Posted by Deano 1 on 01 January 2014 - 08:25 PM

Thought I'd do a little write up of last night with the forum being a bit slow.


We went to a friends house last night to let the new year in and everyone asked me to sort a small display, yesterday afternoon (talk about short notice). Well I had about a dozen decent consumer fireworks in stock but no rockets.


On my hands and knees,head to the back of the pyro cupboard, arse stickin' out, muttering "I know I've got some somewhere". Aha gotya, a ziplock bag with silica gel and 8 rocket motors.


The only thing I had for headers was 16 homemade 3" hemi's.

Then I went for the stars, Damn, barely enough for 3 headers, just yellow and blue left.

I had no choice but to make some flash for the remaining 5, I'm going to end 2013 with a bang.


No pasting today I thought, so out came the masking tape and duck tape.


I had plenty of bp coated buddleia husks for the break.


Now then, how much flash shall I make. I concluded on a 15 gram baggy for each. :wacko: . 10 grams  makes me sweat.

75 grams it is then, it felt like forever mixing that little lot.


Masking tape for the star shells and 4 layers of very sticky duck tape for the flash shells.

Headers and sticks hot glued on, fused together and loaded into their launch tubes.


Wow, just enough time for a shower and we're off.


The consumers were ok, the star shells were ok, but the flash shells, well talk about rattling windows. The ground shook and they thumped you right in the chest.

We stayed for another half hour and all the talk was about them there bangs.


I will be making some more of them. :P

#79848 Black powder VS Flash powder

Posted by Deano 1 on 10 May 2013 - 09:31 PM

hi m8,,why dont u make some 3/4"id rammed black powder(75/15/10) thunderflashes...i did unintentionally when i started trying to make rockets... and you dont need a ball mill.the kn03 is ground to talc in a mp,the sulphur will just need the lumps kneaded out if its pyro grade i do this on a small sheet of plastic with a teaspoon and you will need airfloat charcoal,,i think it was vine i had then...now for the tooling...lol u will need,,,a 1" thick pice of wood,,4"sq is fine,, a 6" nail and a 3/4 piece of round dowel 7"long with a hole drilled 5.5" deep thru the centre the same dia as the nail and another length with no hole....i mix my bp shaking in a coffee can untill my arms are sore,,you will want to put tape round the lid so you can do this indoors without any dramas you can then open it outside to disloge all the powder trapped in gaps without making a mess....hammer the nail thru the centre of the wood,,by the time your doing this your 3/4 id 7" long cardboard pyro tubes will have arrived,,, place 1 over the top of the nail and centre then pour a teaspoon of bp in(a paper funnel is a must) insert the hollow rammer over the nail, slide down and bed firmly in the powder now your redy to ram (if you dont have a soft mallet pad a hammer with rags untill u do) 4 or five sharp smacks will do,you will feel the bp compressing with the first few hits,repeat this process untill your above the nail then switch to the solid rammer untill ur 1/4" from the top then twist off the nail and there you have it,,,now you may want to have another nail sawn in half so you can make smaller ones..a piece of visco is inserted well into the core taped up and the other end plugged..the 7" one will have 35g+ of rammed green meal and will make a lovely thump but halfsize is more doable in the garden...to give you an idea about flash,,,3g with a light confinement will be louder than the 7" bp thunderflash but its a sharp bamg not a lovely round thump and the smell of bp...aaahhhhhhh...u can also ram foutain compositions in ur tubes

Was ya pi553d when ya typed this lot up dude :lol:

#75805 Who did the London NYE fireworks?

Posted by Deano 1 on 02 January 2012 - 12:19 AM

Here's my opinion, I thought it was f*****g awsom, when it had finished my wife said " are you going for a w**k now ". :lol: :lol: