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#82601 Can u create a firework to simulate colored smoke trails, at night?

Posted by Malcolm Smith on 04 August 2014 - 03:01 PM


I just have one simple question.


How can you create firwork to display a long trail just like the Red Arrows coloured smoke trails, at night.


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There are daylight shells with similar dyes to those used by the Red Arrows.


However, a dye smoke trail would have little visibility against a dark night sky.


Comet roman candles are available in most colours and we have red, white and blue in stock.

#72446 Demo nights

Posted by Malcolm Smith on 09 March 2011 - 03:44 PM

I' d love to see a straightforward licence, like a driving licence, but I guess this is too much time & trouble for HMG.

Spot on Phil.

The BIS told me that they did not want licencing due to the costs, especially with cuts in the public sector. They are struggling now with their existing work load.

It is a supplier who will be fined if it is found to be supplying CAT 4 fireworks to a person who does not have specialised knowledge, so there will obviously be some tightening up in that direction to cover their behinds.

Here are some links to guidance notes and the legislation.


2. Purpose of the instrument

2.1 The Regulations set out rules concerning the conditions that manufacturers or
importers of pyrotechnic articles need to meet in order to be able to market articles
within the European Union, together with rules concerning the duty of distributors, of
conformity assessment bodies, labelling requirements for articles, enforcement
provisions and various prohibitions on supply of such articles.

8.4 A key part of the regime of the Directive is the introduction of the prohibition
on supply of category 4 fireworks, T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles and P2 other
pyrotechnic articles to persons other than persons with specialist knowledge. The
draft regulations include the prohibition and set out what persons supplying those
articles will need to assure themselves of in order to continue supplying those articles.
Whilst most respondents agreed with the essential elements of the requirements -
training, experience and insurance – there were a number of views expressed on the
detail. The conclusion has been to retain the essentials and refine the precise criteria
in subsequent discussion with the key interested groups.

The new law section:-


Persons with specialist knowledge for category 4 fireworks, category T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles or category P2 other pyrotechnic articles 42.—(1) A person with specialist knowledge for category 4 fireworks is any individual who can demonstrate having—

(a) undertaken training recognised in the fireworks business, in relation to the type of category 4 fireworks to be supplied,

(b) used category 4 fireworks; and

© valid liability insurance covering use of category 4 fireworks

(4) The training referred to in paragraphs (1)(a), (2)(a) and (3)(a) must include training in—

(a) the nature and correct use of the articles to be supplied; and

(b) the risks associated with the transport, storage and use of such articles, and includes such training recognised in the relevant business, profession or industry of any Member State.

From the BIS:-


"The concept of training recognised in the business, industry or profession does not mean that BIS will be recognising particular training.

It is for the supplier to make a judgement as to whether the training in question is sufficient and provided by a person or body with a sufficient reputation in that sector."