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#38414 Double Petal Shells

Posted by sasman on 03 October 2007 - 12:29 AM

Well here is my first try at double petal..I didnt take any pre assembly pictures.. this was a very rough bodge to see just if i could get any sort of decent break & symmetry..The burst was BP coated rice hulls..+ flash booster.. i used a very large petal 4" because thats what i had handy..The stars were tiger tail to flash core + red to green..You could see nice green but the video doesnt pick it up at all..The stars are what i had handy..Next time i will roll up some stars specifically for the double petal shell..

I also put a ring of red stars at the seem of the outer petal but you cant realy see them only on the far away shot can you see a few of them..

The inner petal looked crap ..didnt look anywhere near round but from a greater distance it looked not to bad?..

I am trying to figure out what stars to make next to make a good effect..