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18 July 2010 - 04:45 PM

it should be landing on my door step on monday / tuesday so ill be able to tell if vat has been added (iv been told its been labelled as a gift so fingers crossed (worse case i'm vat registered so i could claim it back elsewhere :rolleyes: )

the price i got included postage and paypal fees but they did give us a free tape dispenser and since the wasp only come to 22lbs i was told they would fill it up to 50lbs in shells and tape ect to get me going. so fingers crossed.

im sure the device could be made in the uk far less but the software must have had lot of time, money and experience to develop it but who knows (iv seen visco machines made of knex toy sets :D (now that's ingenious


Did you ever get your wasp pasting machine ? If you did can you tell us about it please.. I am intrested in using the machine to make the entire shell casing ...

I have seen jim post some picture on pyrobin on how to make a former.. then wrap the former in cling film then paste gummed paper tape until the right thickness is produced...I would like to know how much it costs per shell..



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01 January 2010 - 11:50 PM

Hi peeps, a question for all you shell builders out there.

I am having difficulty finding information about how to paste shells properly. I have been using the 3 strip method with success but you are not supposed to get build up at the poles and i am getting that so i presume i am doing some thing wrong. I place 1 strip top to bottom and one next to it over lapping at each pole and in the middle barely touching. i repeat this many times over to get my desired diametre.

Do you guys no of any better ways or even easier ways to do this, some diagrams or maybe point me in the directrion of some online info about it.

Many thaks to those who respond,

I have made only a handfull of paper shells (all 4" diameter) and used gummed paper tape for the layers and from my experience i would not worry about build up on the poles?

Here is a A picture of the finshed shell .. You can see it's slightly oval in shape due to paper build up on the poles but when i fired them they burst pretty symmetrically ..

Here is a link to a Test video ..

These shell were made with no great attention to detail .. The gummed paper strips were wet with a sponge and quickly applied to the shell, Then rolled a few times on a wooden table to get rid off the wrinkles ..I soon got fed up of trying to get rid off all the wrinkles so by time i had done 15 layers i was just slapping on the tape and a quick roll.. that was it...

So i reckon if you can make them quick n easy and they burst good why worry about paper build up?.. As long as each one is made the same way you should have good consistency ..