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Electric Matches

29 September 2007 - 07:45 PM


Can anyone tell me if SP fireworks sell electric matches? i.. I have just noticed they sell electric firing units.. but cant see any E matches for sale?..If they dont can some one point me in the direction of a supplier?..


Double Petal Shells

15 September 2007 - 08:29 PM

I am going to try to make some double petaled ball shells has any member got any tips on making them?.. I want to try using a 6" plastic ball shell and a 4" inner petal .. Passfire shows how to make a 6" paper shell but uses KP as a burst charge.I would like to use BP burst charge + a booster..has anyone got any videos of there double petaled shells in action


Flitter Stars

06 September 2007 - 06:25 PM

i am about to try to roll up some Flitter stars using David blesers #14 Flitter comp the formula calls for Aluminium dark(flake) , The nearest i have is Ekhart 5413 Super H? would this be to fine...

Has any member made of any of these stars & how did they perform?. Also how big should i roll them up for a 6" shell


Chemical Purity effects on colour?

11 June 2007 - 09:57 PM

I have just started playing with some Home made Ammonium Perchlorate... i have recrystalized it 3 times I started with about 600 grs each time i recrystalize i loose about 60 or 70 grams..I read in best of AFN IV page 118 that if you recrystalize a solution of potassium perchlorate with 10% sodium contamination you end up with 99.1% pure Potassium Perchlorate..From one Crystalization.

So even tho Ammonium Perchlorate is a bit more soluble i would think that 3 Recrystalizations should make it pretty pure?.. For now i want The Ammonium Perchlorate for making A good Blue and Good Red.. I have tried Both Blessers New Blue( Best of AFN II page 92) & Sam Bases Red (Pyrotechnica IV page 22)..

I have no idea how good the Colours should look? ..How do i Know if My blue or Red is good or Bad..I was hoping for a really dark blue and a really dark red ..But The blue was a light blue and the Red looked like it had a tinge of Orange?..I mixed Both of the comps together and Got a nice Purple..But yet again how do i know if it was as good as it should be?..I am using Ammonium Perchlorate simply because all the books i have read state that it makes some of the purest colours..I have not used any Chlorates yet but i am now tempted to try some Chlorate Reds & Blues ...

Also i have Looked at my strontium carbonate it came from a pottery supplier it states on the package Min 97% . That leaves a possible contamintion of sodium?.. how small amount of sodium is needed for it to effect the Colour.. same goes for my Barium Carbonate..Is it worth the hassle for me to make my chemicals purer..I intend on making some large Ball shells and want the best colours possible..

Hope some one can shed some light on this subject..

PS.. Yes i have tried to do a flame test in which i used nichrome wire loop dipped in to Hydrochloric acid and then dipped into my chemicals and held in a butane blow torch to look for the Sodium yellow..My test looked Ok?.

Thunder over Iowa DVD set

12 April 2007 - 12:52 AM


I got a DVD today from SECAC Omnimedia and even though i have watched only an hour orso i am very impressed with it..

There are 4 DVD's and over 10 hours of video :) ..If you are intrested in watching some Home made pyro made by some Experts and Beginers Take a look..

My main intrests are in Rocket's & Ball shells and i have seen some very good examples on this dvd which have given me great ideas.. some of the shells are awesome!! and i cant wait to try to make em as good or better than the ones i have seen :) ...

I have a few DVD's on pyro and there quality is soso, but the picture quality of this DVD is brilliant very impressed & when i have watched this a few times i will purchase the next set for sure..At $30 i think its a bargain..