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Interesting Pyro Video Clips

14 November 2005 - 08:40 PM

Ran into some clips that are quite nice to watch..




Cat 3/4 Display News / Updates

25 June 2004 - 10:10 AM

This link is intended for members who participate in professional displays to share some of there experiences with the forum.

I will kick it off with two recent displays.

Date ? 5th June 04
Event ? UKRA
Firing for - BPS
Type ? Cat4
Duration 5 ? 6 minutes

As I am sure you have noticed, the ?firing for? is BPS. I termed it BPS as the entire display was set up and fired by BPS members being RichardH, AdamW, BigG, The_Djinn, Tony. Unfortunately Rhodri who was a major contributor towards this display was not able to make it due to circumstances. Arthur Brown also arrived to offer his assistance later in the day.
For those of you that think working on a display is all glamour, let me advise you now that it is far from that as it is non stop hard laborious work.
AdamW and RichardH started setting up around 10am with myself arriving around 11am and BigG not to long after.
There was a lot of digging to do as all the larger single mortar tubes were buried in the ground. All the racks had to be positioned and staked securely. All the cakes used had to have quick match added and had to be wrapped to make them water resistant. A great deal of time was then spent fusing the various size shells that were used and grouping some of them together. Spanish delays were also used to add timing between some of the shells. Once all the shells were loaded into there mortars and the cakes had been positioned and staked we then set about adding the electric match to each of the fuses. Once this was complete we got down to running a few miles of wire from the cue modules and connecting everything up.
After a walk around inspection that everything had been connected, AdamW carried out a continuity test on the system. AdamW and myself resolved the couple of open circuits that showed during the test and we were now ready to fire the show? the time was 10pm. That?s right, 12 hours with barely a break to set up for a show that was fired in just over 5 minutes. Believe you me, the aching muscles and blisters go to show that it is no easy task and glamour is the last thing on your mind.
After we all retired to a safe distance, leaving RichardH and AdamW in the middle of the field with the firing box, the show got underway. The show was fired fast and furious and there was not even a split second were the sky was not full of stars from the bombardment of shells being launched as fast as AdamW?s fingers could move.

All in all and excellent display as I am sure all those members present will confirm as well as the client and guests.

I hope this first post has given some of you a bit of insight into the work that is involved on the day never mind the preparation that goes in leading up to an event.


Fireworks Web Site

29 January 2004 - 08:38 PM

Just when you thought you had seen everything..

A certain fireworks company has come up with a novel way to try entice the average red blooded male in the UK to purchase more fireworks..

Have a peek at sexyfireworks.com .. definately a new angle at promoting or selling fireworks. (not sure what it is your buying when you order there large CAKES) so for those married or attached members, make sure the other half is out when the delivery man arrives. :P

For those of you who read firworks magazine, issue 45 (web site say's currently at printers) has an article on the above mentioned site but even better there is an article on BPS :)


Gung Hei Faat Choih

21 January 2004 - 08:13 PM

Specialy for any oriental members or viewers of the forum,

Gung Hei Faat Choih :D
Happy New Year

As some of you may or may not know, the Chinese new year kicks off tomorrow 22nd Jan and it is Year Of The MONKEY.

Chinese new year celebrations last for 15 days from tomorrow which is the lenght of the lunar phase. Bet there will be plenty of fireworks in areas for everyone to enjoy or as some of you may see it, thats 15 days of good excuses to light up the sky..

Have fun and play safe



20 December 2003 - 09:22 AM

Just a short note to wish everyone on the forum, not matter wich part of the planet you are from or in some casses which planet you are on,
a verry Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year.