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26 November 2009 - 10:27 AM

I'm having a clear out of my old glassware.
Up for grabs is:
Buchner flasks (filter flasks) (Pyrex)
2 x 1L £15 each
2 x 2L £25 each

4 x 500ml heavy duty conical flasks (Pyrex)£3 each
2 x 500ml(regular) conical flasks (Pyrex) £2 each

Beakers (Pyrex); 4x100 £1 each, 4x50 £0.50 each and 5x10ml £1 (all)

Volumetric flasks (no stoppers)(majority are E-Mil brand)
50ml, 5x grade "A" £2.50 each, 6x grade "B" £2 each
100ml, 4x grade "A" £5 each, 5x grade "B" £4 each
200ml, 1x grade "B"£6
250ml, 1x grade "B" £7
500ml, 1x grade "A" £10, 1x grade "B" £9

Used but all in good condition, no chips or cracks.
I've priced it at what I think is correct but I'm not too sure how to price it really :wacko: Open to offers.

I have pics if anyone wants any.

Strobe Rockets

11 September 2009 - 12:43 PM

I've been experimenting with strobes recently, eventually got them to fly after the 8th attempt..
Well Here it is.
It strobed as you can see from the tail but I'm sure it didn't make the "popping" sound, just the wind playing tricks. Has anyone played with these and could point me in the right direction to get the noise as well as the strobe?

Ill share some vids of the failures to keep everyone amused.
ClickyClicky It had a nice tail, again no popping sound. I think the wind caught it sending it into the side of the mountain lol.
Click Me This was one of the first I made, chems weren't fine enough so strobe gave no thrust and burned for ages. It used 70/30/1 NaBenz whistle, I have now moved to 76/23/1 with NaBenz and found it to me much faster.

I've settled now on milling all except the mgal then diapering the metal in. On the mgal front, I'm currently using 20 parts 200-250# and 5 parts 120-180#. The mgal use in the first experiments was too fine so it almost burnt without strobing at all.

Lampare Pistil

27 June 2008 - 03:54 PM

Hi, im going to attempt to make a 6" peony with a lampare pistil.
My question is it possible? Has anyone seen it done?
I was thinking of using a double petal set-up with the inner petal using naphthalene as the lampare effect.
Any thoughts on this method?


Widmann's Automatic Shell Paster (w.a.s.p)

10 January 2008 - 12:01 PM

I was thinking of attempting to make one of these machines, but I cant find any good pictures or dimensions anywhere. Has anyone got one or used one, there are videos on the website (http://www.ctpyro.com/index.html) but I cant get very much from them.
I think it works by the motors driving at different speeds creating an off-axis spin on the shell(sorry for the rubbish discription) you're probably best looking for yourself lol. Any pictures would be appreciated.