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Post your stash :)

17 October 2009 - 01:32 PM

so I've just got back from Epic! my budget was £250 but after racking it all up it came to £260....not too bad :) more than double my budget from last year, but i worked a lot of overtime to pay for it Posted Image

Posted Image
Guidos Party Pack, came with most of the rockets in the picture, i asked them if they could sap the super stealth rocket for the sky thriller and they did :) nice chaps! Only extra rockets are the Mega pack, Echo Bomb & 2x Sky Force.

Black Cat Master Mines & Moon Boom mines, Battle for Iwo Jima barrage pack (anyone tried this before?) 11 barrages for under £13 ... bargain! 2 Black Cat Silver Pyramid fountains, Krazy Klock Posted Image Posted Image Wild Horses, Cyborgs, Brothers Choice Imperial, Thunder King, Six Machine, & 2 pen lid cakes *gasps for breath*

So, anyone whos got their stash together, or part complete...post a picture and lets see! .... off to get these safely stored away, splitting mine up into 2 displays, the more tame stuff for here and the bigger stuff we're having a little get together at my brother in law's who has far more land to set them of from!

Organised displays

31 October 2008 - 12:01 AM

Just wondering....for the peopel who wont actually be firing displays........are you going to visit any organised ones this year?

was considering going to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach show...... but wouldn't want to pay 10 entry for a company who makes so much profit in the year anyway.

Think i'll go to a local one in my hometown on saturday and then a display at Heaton Park in Manchester on bonfire night. Then have my fireworks on the 8th which is the same date as the girlfriends stepdads birthday :)

You can tell the seasonals started to sell today!

15 October 2008 - 07:45 PM

all i hear outside tonight is the distant "Pop! Bang! crackle!"

agreed the majority of those will be mindless yobs setting them off in the middle of the street....but if i'm honest it gets me a little excited too.....bonfire night seems that much closer :)

Red Dragon Fireworks

25 October 2007 - 09:24 PM

i'm looking for a few extra bits & bobs to add to my collection, theres a shop near me (only a small paper shop mind you) advertising Red Dragon fireworks in the window.

i've not been into the shop for a look yet but looking on their website, they advertise air b**bs & they also have a 10 pack of very small rockets.

i thought fireworks like these had been banned or become unavailable?.....in a way im hoping the shop does have them because i enjoy these, it's the idiots who had to mess with them & ruin it for the rest of us!