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In Topic: Problems with Neighbours

07 November 2009 - 11:00 PM

Finished the rest of my fireworks tonight at my sisters house, the last cake of the night was wild horses......well the neighbours mustn't have liked it because shortly afterwards they sent an egg over the fence......I was fuming and ready to retaliate but I've got a better idea...... Next year will have to use TWO wild horses together instead ;)

In Topic: Silly Season 2009

06 November 2009 - 08:00 PM

ditto, from the prime loft window ive got a view of the whole of bolton, some pretty loud stuff going off here and plenty on the horizon too!

edit time

i've just been treated to a fantastic cat 4 display, roughly about 3 miles away if the "sound travels a mile every 5 seconds" .. i counted 17 seconds between seeing them and hearing them.

some very nice angel hair style shells and lots of other nice effects too, finished with a couple of big willows with crackles in the middle? only way to describe it.

you can certainly tell the difference between cat 4 & consumer stuff, before i saw the actual fireworks it sounded like a thunder storm was on the way!

In Topic: The Verdict 2009

06 November 2009 - 07:16 PM

just let some of my stuff go, the smaller stuff i had planned for last night but we got back late from an organised display so decided to save it for tonight as the little one was asleep next door....

let off some cheapies that i got from lidl, not too bad for the price paid, short duration fountains mainly.

Fired a moon boom mine from epic, very loud indeed but the shots were near the ground before they finally exploded.

A few of the barraged from the battle of iwo jima pack from epic, some were quiet multi shot cakes, some had pretty nice bursts for such small bore cakes.

Fired some space blaster, supreme & mega rockets, again from epic. Better than last year as i recall, very loud bursts and great effects with every break, never get tired of these, truly are the best value rockets i've ever fired.

Let off 2 echo bombs & a tomahawk, to be honest when having the much smaller rockets from the mega/supreme packs i don't know what all the fuss is about, the break from the tomahawk wasn't much bigger, but obviously the stars were bigger as the effect lasted longer, the echo bomb was maybe a little louder than the above but wasn't really noticable....launched against a supermarket rocket though there would be no comparison!

I think the best firework of the night goes to Royal party, i think the cake was called "cascade of colour. 1.4g as stated on the label, 25 shots, not very loud being 1.4g obviously, but the breaks were quite large, and it does indeed live upto its name, the colours were fantastic, a mixture of colour in every break, greens, reds, blues...etc...very vry nice!

bring on tomorrow when i can fire by bigger cakes and my Black Cat Master Mines mwuahahaha

In Topic: Problems with Neighbours

05 November 2009 - 09:38 PM

Last year my next door neighbours got really annoyed with us because it was our last "big cake" firework of the night and they came complaining it was too loud and they argued that they were gunna call the police because the debris of fireworks were all over there driveway and fallin on top of there cars... we couldnt help that... but we offered to clean it up afterwards... but we really dont get on with them next door... people shouldnt spoil others having fun and thats what they did... ok i would understand if it was after hours letting off fireworks but this was around 8pm... people like that should get a life... this year we had to put a note thru there door to let them know which day we having fireworks on... what is the country coming to!! NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL!!

if you were following the 25m safety rule (which includes all directions_) debris shouldnt have been an issue so i would be pretty miffed off too, if you let them know beforehand it may have been a bit better....allowed them to move their car, etc. we have people living next door with a young girl, knocked on to make sure they were pok with us firing (about 9PM and we have echo bombs ;)) , they said no probs & thanks for asking, the little girl is asleep but will sleep through it, i chose not to fire anyway because it is rather late, got back from an organised display later than planned.

point im trying to make is that you could have warned them beforehand, especially if using cakes that spread fallout on neighbours property which is within the 25m limit.

In Topic: Three Days To Go!

03 November 2009 - 08:33 AM

My bonfire night stashPosted Image

have you fired the Royal Party Salute cake before? i got one plus another 25 shotter which i've forgotten the name of for a tenner, just wondered how they prform :)