Documentation & Legislation Committee

The Documentation & Legislation committee was setup in September 2008. Its purpose is to produce a definitive set of guidance covering UK explosives legislation. The guidance will be produced over a period of time and third parties will be consulted to ensure that the information contained in the guidance is true and accurate. The guide will seek to clarify the position of firework construction and research on a small scale by enthusiasts.

The Committee:

  • Richard Harwood – UKPS, Ignite Pyrotechnics Limited
  • Wayne Robshaw – UKPS, Ignite Pyrotechnics Limited
  • Matthew Perring – UKPS, BASC
  • Gareth Barnes – UKPS
  • Trevor Stride – UKPS, Pyroartistry
  • Richard Little – Angelfire Pyrotechnics Ltd

About The Committee Members:

Richard Harwood

Richard is previous UKPS chairman. He is coordinating the efforts of the committee in producing the guidance documents.

Wayne Robshaw

Wayne is a member of the UKPS and is in the process of liaising with both the HSE and Police in explosives regulation matters. He will be taking an active role in our talks with all relevant third parties.

Matthew Perring

Matthew is a Firearms & Explosives officer for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). He will be liaising with various bodies on behalf of the committee.

Gareth Barnes

Gareth has a strong working knowledge of Health & Safety legislation. His practical experience of risk mitigation and working to regulations will be very useful to the committee.

Trevor Stride

Trevor is MD of Pyroartistry; a reputable professional fireworks display company. Trevor’s practical experience in working with explosives and complying with the legislation (primarily MSER) will be valuable.

Richard Little

Richard is MD of Angelfire Pyrotechnics; a BPA member company. Richard has a good working knowledge of Explosive and Health and Safety Law.