ER 2014 – Good practice guidance

On the 1st of October 2014, Explosive Regulations 2014 will come into force in the UK.

In conjuction with the new regulations, the UK Pyrotechnic Society was tasked to create a good practice guidance document for our explosive sub-sector of experimental pyrotechnics.  This guidance will assist an individual with the legislative, safety and security requirements of ER 2014 in the respect of the manufacture of experimental pyrotechnics articles and substances.

The guidance document can be downloaded below:

UKPS – Good Practice Guide on the Manufacture of Experimental Pyrotechnic Compositions and Articles – Revision 1.5

This should be read in conjunction with the HSE guidance on safety and security provisions of ER 2014.  These can be found here:




3 comments on “ER 2014 – Good practice guidance
  1. dave smith says:

    hi, wayne,

    many thanks for all the time to put this together.
    now for some bedtime reading.


  2. Roger Ashwood says:

    please could you tell me if i have to have a E.P.P. licence for Barium nitrate………….yet thanks Roger

  3. Bob says:

    At this moment you only need an EPP to purchase Barium Nitrate, any you already have is fine. However, starting on March 3rd 2016, you will also need it for any you already own or use, so not long to get licensed (or use it all up).
    See here for details:

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