UKPS Represented at the Home Office

As many of our members will know, the UKPS has been involved since 2009 in the Explosives Legislative Review (ELR), a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) review of existing explosives regulations in the UK. The UKPS’ involvement is aimed at getting clarification over certain areas of current legislation, in particular The Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005 (MSER) regarding hobbyist non-commercial fireworks manufacture, a popular activity among our membership.

UKPS members Wayne Robshaw and Richard Harwood recently represented the UKPS at the latest stage of this process, a meeting at the Home Office involving the HSE and members of the Royal Institution of Great Britain to discuss MSER Regulation 9(2)(a).

The exact details of the meeting cannot yet be published, as is normal with these processes, but the outcome was very positive and all parties came away with various action points to follow up on. The next step for Wayne is an ELR coordination group meeting in Bootle in October.

The involvement of the UKPS at such high levels of legislation consultation are a testament to the hard work of Wayne, Richard and many other of our members, and a example of the rising profile of the UKPS within the industry.

Many thanks to all those who have given up their time and skills to present the UKPS in such a professional light. Keep an eye out on the related forums for ongoing updates and hopefully more good news in the future.

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